The 3 P’s Of Manhood

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Duties Of A Man

Zeus on his throne

I woke up to see Zeus crowning Hercules and welcoming him home. Everyone present were like a dragon but they were the most welcoming and alive men I have ever seen. Though they never said a word to me, I could see it from their gaze that they all were questioning me. I had to look down and look away.

We danced, partied and Hercules shared stories of his exploits to everyone. Deep inside, I kept wondering what made him who he was. How could someone achieve all these feat as a man? What didn’t I know that kept me in chains when it came to my manhood?

“My son,” Zeus called out to me.

“My Lord,” I trembled. How could I be talking to Zeus himself?

“It seems you are lost. What made you lose your manhood?” He asked

“How do you mean my Lord?” My voice still shaking.

“You were thinking out loud, I guess. You were asking yourself how Hercules achieved all he did as a man and what you didn’t know about manhood. Am I right?

“Yes, my Lord.” I said

“Let me answer your question. Climb on my hand and let’s go see the world.” Zeus said and I stepped on.

He lifted me onto his shoulder and as I watched, the view changed as He started talking.

“In times past, men were defined by their strength and any man who didn’t measure up ended up dead. There was no room for weakness for any man. Whenever a woman met a man, she naturally looked up to him because she knew he was stronger and more capable of surviving than she was. To her, he was the ticket for living. The world was harsh and unforgiving to all, men and women alike.

Then I blessed men with wisdom and they grew. They started to grow and build what is known today as civilization. I was happy, seeing them rise but not before long, I noticed something. Men started losing sight of their true purpose and started giving in to weak things. Some even lost sight of what it means to be a man completely. As these men started giving birth, they started to teach their sons the wrong ideology they had taught themselves and so, weakness became a way amongst men.

That is why today the amount of weak men is more than the strong. I believe you sense something is missing in your life as a man and are on a path to restoring it, am I right? Zeus said

“Yes, my lord.” I said. “I know something is missing but I don’t know what it is. Could you teach me Sir? I promise to share it with the world.”

“I know you will.” He laughed, his gaze piercing my skull.

There are only three things that every man should do. Failure of a man to master any of these three things will make him weak, insecure and unable to fulfill his mission.

“What are they, my lord?” I asked, my heart pounding loudly because I was about to know what was wrong with me.

First, a man has to be able to PROVIDE. This is the most promoted duty of a man in today’s world. Corporations and industries tell men to buy this to get girls, buy that to become an alpha male and all that nonsense. Buying all those things doesn’t account for the fact that you are a man. It is just one piece of the puzzle of being a man.

The ability to provide is of utmost importance to a man because he has more strength than the woman. He has the capacity to kill, to create weapons, to focus his energy on one thing and take that thing to its greatest height. This capacity though is at its peak in modern times, it takes more energy and focus now because everywhere a man turns to, there is distraction. The world has made men think it is a safe place because of high rise buildings, the internet, offices and all that. The fact is that the world is still as it was in times past where men faced lions, bears and all that; the only difference now is that men have to battle big corporations.

To provide today, a man has to have a business and make people know about the business. This means he has to do a good job of capturing people’s attention on Instagram, google, Facebook and all that. Attention is an asset today.”

“That is true my lord. What is the second one?” I looked away, still afraid to look at his face. His face shone so bright they could burn my eyes.

Secondly, a man has to be able to PROTECT. Religion and society has frowned upon this role and made it something terrible yet, humanity would have been extinct if men of old didn’t know how to protect. There is no way you can protect without knowing how to fight. It’s funny when humans ask us (gods) to protect them from evil yet they say fighting is not good. What do they think we do when they ask us to protect them?” He smiled

Man training martial arts

“We think you gods have magical powers that you use to control demons to stay away from us.” I said

“It doesn’t work that way son. Demons can’t touch you physically but can cause things to happen spiritually, which will affect the physical world. When you ask us to protect you, we have to physically stop those demons from creating those situations spiritually and that entails fighting.

A man has to know how to fight. No matter how civilized humanity makes itself, a man that doesn’t know how to fight will never become a full man. He will always know that something is missing in his manhood but will not be able to put a finger on it. Your confidence as a man goes through the roof when you know you can defend yourself if things get out of hand.

It’s one aspect of the duties of a man that religion and society will keep frowning upon as long as humans exist. But it is essential for a man to know how to fight. Because men want to release this innate duty, they watch action films. Seeing other men fight help men release the emotion that comes with fighting. Yet, this isn’t something to be kept hidden. Join a gym and learn combat.

If there is one area most men are lacking today, it’s in this area. Men who can provide abundantly for their family most times lack the ability to protect themselves, let alone their family. Work on this.”

“Wow. That is true my lord. My religion and society criticizes fighting so I always avoid violence as much as I can. I know nothing about self-defense my lord.” I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Well, now you know what to do. So DO IT.” His voice boomed gently.

“I am going immediately after I learn the third my lord.” I said

Thirdly, a man has to be able to PROCREATE. The ability to procreate starts from being able to seduce a woman and make her see you as her king. Only after this will she be able to open her legs to you willingly. When she opens her legs, then you plant your seed in her to create offspring who will carry on your legacy. It will now be your sole focus to PROVIDE and PROTECT your offspring as a man.

Can you see the cycle?” He asked

“Yes my lord. I have to learn how to PROVIDE and PROTECT first, then I have to PROCREATE. After I plant my seed in a woman, then it’s my duty to PROVIDE and PROTECT my offspring and the woman.” I said

“That is the duty of a man. If you can achieve the three, then you will go on to create your Herculean feats. Remember to share these secrets with other men, okay?”

“Yes, my lord.” I smiled

Then I woke up from the dream, opened my laptop and wrote this article. In summary, the duties of a man are to PROVIDE, PROTECT and PROCREATE.

Knowledge Maketh Manners And Manners Maketh Man.




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